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The National Council

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Not Another Life to Lose: Suicide in America

This is another great graphic released by the National Council for Community Behavioral Health Care illustrating suicide stats in the US.

Not Another Life to Lose

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Peer Support in the UK

Just finished reviewing a website for the Mental Health Foundation of the United Kingdom.    The Mental Health Foundation is “committed to reducing the suffering caused by mental ill health and to help everyone lead mentally healthier lives.”

This month the foundation published a briefing paper titled Peer Support in Mental Health and Learning Disability.  This paper provides a nice compilation of research papers that have published regarding the models of peer support and their impact.

You can also access the English government’s ‘Putting People First’ paper which recognizes that “the availability of effective peer support is essential in the transformation of adult social care and in enabling people using services to have greater choice and control”.  The government’s paper goes on to describe “peer support as playing an important role in areas of prevention, health inequalities and public health as well.”  England’s health care reform efforts sound a little familiar.

I have attached a PDF of the Mental Health Foundation’s briefing paper (file name: Need 2 Know) and the Putting People First document released by England’s government  in the document box located to the right.

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Health is Mental from the National Council

Info Graphic Data

From the National Council

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100 Reasons Recovery is Worth It!

Youth M.O.V.E. – 100 Reasons

The month of September celebrates Recovery.   Clackamas County is partnering with local Peer providers to create a unique campaign celebrating members of our community who support Recovery.  This campaign is inspired by the amazing 100 Reasons to Stay video posted on YouTube.   Take a look and get inspired.

We are creating our very own 100 Reasons Recovery is Worth It!  So far, 25 amazing messages have been submitted.  We are a quarter of the way there but we are looking for more participants to reach our goal of 100 messages before the end of August.  Create a message of  why “Recovery is Worth It” to you.  Whether you are in recovery or support someone who is, your message will celebrate them, their families and others throughout Clackamas County who make recovery possible.

For more information and to participate please contact:

Nina Danielsen

Health Promotion Coordinator

(503) 742-5309

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Misguided Measures: A Report on the Impact of Measure 11

The Campaign for Youth Justice and the Partnership for Safety and Justice released a report last year that provides insight into the effects of Measure 11 on youth in our state.  I have added this report to the document box to the right of this post.  It can also be accessed on the websites for Campaign for Youth Justice and Partnership for Safety and Justice.

Measure 11 was passed by voters in Oregon in November of 1994.  Currently Measure 11 requires youth over the age of 15 to be prosecuted in the adult criminal justice system if they are charged with one of 21 specific crimes.  If a youth is convicted, Measure 11 requires that the same mandatory sentence that applies to adults will also apply to the youth.

We know that many of the youth finding themselves ensnared in the “Measure 11 system” are youth who have also experienced our mental health and addiction treatment systems. This report provides data describing “the detrimental impact that Measure 11 is having on youth and the public in Oregon.”

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Restorative Justice

Last week I had the privilege of participating in a Restorative Justice Training facilitated by Matthew Hartman with Clackamas County’s Juvenile Department.  The thing that struck me most is the parallel of values between Restorative Justice and Peer Support.  And I have to state with honesty that I was inwardly screaming “Victory” throughout this great training.

The Northwest Justice Forum has published this Statement on Balanced and Restorative Justice:

“Restorative Justice is a community response to crime that focuses on addressing the harms done to victims and communities by holding offenders meaningfully accountable for their offenses.

The goal of Restorative Justice is the creation of safe, healthy communities.  Such communities are created when there are opportunities for victims to have their needs addressed and when offenders are integrated into the community as positive, contributing citizens.”

The focus is meeting the needs of the victim, but the healing that occurs for both parties is powerful. 

The values that guide a Restorative Justice process as taught in the training are: 

  • Respect
  • Spaciousness
  • Mutuality
  • Hospitality
  • Interconnectedness
  • Healing
  • Responsibility/Accountability
  • Growth Empowerment/Self-Determination
  • Curiosity
  • Humility/Non-Hierachy
  • Wonder/Awe
  • Particularity
  • Story-telling
  • Non-Violence
  • Listening
  • Care
  • Dialogue
  • Multiplicity of Truth

To learn more about Restorative Justice (RJ) you may want to start with Howard Zehr, Ph.D, widely recognized as a pioneer of RJ.  There is also a wonderful video from Heart Speak Productions out of Canada:

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Peer Services Advisory Committee

Clackamas County Behavioral Health has asked several people to participate on the Peer Services Advisory Committee for the peer support system that has been rolling-out over the last several months.  There has been a terrific response and show of interest.  This committee is primarily representatives from peer-run organizations and representatives from other systems such as; juvenile justice, corrections, mental health providers, etc.  We are currently hoping to increase participation of youth/young adults and seeking representation from systems.

The responsibilities of this committee will include review of the data that is received from peer service providers and make recommendations for improvement to the system; identify gaps in services; identify a system issue or two a year that the committee feels should be addressed and provide recommendations.

This committee held its second meeting last week.  I have included the minutes from our first meeting held on February 29, 2012, published in the box to the right of this post.  As always, please feel free to provide any feedback or comments.  I will be posting the minutes from our April 4 meeting later this week.

The weather is beautiful!  Enjoy your day!

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The Doors Are Open

My apologies for not having posted to the blog for some time.  It’s been a very busy summer with the roll-out of peer support services in our community!  I am now back from a wonderful vacation, fully re-charged and ready to go!

This has been a big summer for peer services in Clackamas County.  Youth M.O.V.E. Drop in Milwaukie has officially opened!  During the month of August the focus has been on outreach and encouraging the youth and young adult community to visit the Drop.  There have a been a number of movie nights, an ice cream social, and an open house.  Stay tuned for the grand opening, coming soon!  With the start of school just around the corner, outreach will shift focus to connecting and working with the school districts in our county to get the word out about this great resource.

Youth M.O.V.E. Drop is located at 11097 SE 21st Ave. in Milwaukie.  If you have questions about the activities and support provided, staff at the Drop can be reached at (503) 908-1604.  Visit the Drop on facebook.  Search Youth M.O.V.E. Clackamas County and “like” them.

The Iron Tribe house also officially opened it’s doors in the month of August.  The Tribe has done a wonderful job at creating a comfortable and supportive living space for those entering the community with a committment to living clean and sober and ready to continue their education or pursue other opportunities within this tough job market.  Referrals have been rolling in!

Kudos to Youth M.O.V.E. and Iron Tribe for a job well done!

Oregon Family Support Network is working on recruitment and hiring of family members and caregivers to fill the role of Family Partners and Navigators within the County’s mental health clinics.  The roll-out for these services has been slowed a bit to ensure we have all the pieces in place to create a solid foundation for success.

Empowerment Initiatives (ei) will be providing peer support for adults receiving mental health services throughout our county and we’ll see Support Specialists coming on-line soon.  These supports will be available in a number of programs and services offered at the Hilltop Clinic, Stewart Center, and Sandy Clinic.  ei will also maintain their presence at two of our supported housing locations, Renaissance Court Apartments and Chez Ami Apartments.

Peer Support Services are being considered in several other areas.  We welcome any feedback and ideas.  Have you heard of any new peer support programs underway and working in other parts of our state, country, or around the world?  Let us know about them!

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Oregon Family Support Network – Wecome Back!

Oregon Family Support Network (OFSN) will be joining our network of peer providers starting this month.  We are so glad to have you on board!  OFSN will provide Family Support Specialists in our County mental health clinics.  These skilled family members will bring much needed one-on-one support to families and caregivers raising a child with a mental health diagnosis.

There are many curriculums and workshops offered by OFSN to family members and caregivers.  They have developed the only State approved training curriculums for family members who are interested in becoming Support Specialists, PDS Foundations and Wrap Partner training.  There are many other curriculums available.  I encourage all to visit their website for a comprehensive list.  There are also a number of workshops taught through online technology.

In addition to providing support services through the County clinics, OFSN will also be reaching out to other mental health providers within the Clackamas County network.  Clackamas County Peer Services will be working closely with OFSN and our contracted mental health providers to facilitate positive and mutually beneficial relationships.

Thanks to all our peer support providers for the work you do every day!  Your input and participation is vital to the creation of a comprehensive peer delivered service system.

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